Sous Chef

Culinary Wingman: Sous Chef at RAAF Pearce

Ready to be the ultimate culinary support for Australia’s defence forces? Join OSOS Alliance as our Sous Chef at RAAF Pearce and become the critical second-in-command in a kitchen that fuels our nation’s protectors!
As the Culinary Wingman, you’ll be the Head Chef’s right hand, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional food quality for the dedicated personnel at RAAF Pearce. This isn’t just another kitchen gig – it’s a vital role where your culinary expertise directly supports those who defend our skies and shores.
Key Missions:

  • Execute flawless meal services that keep our forces fighting fit
  • Master the art of large-scale cooking with military precision
  • Uphold strict food safety standards – because in defence, every detail matters
  • Train and lead a squad of chefs, cooks, and kitchen hands
  • Step up to command the kitchen when the Head Chef is away

Your Arsenal Should Include:

  • Australian-recognized Commercial Cooking qualification
  • HACCP Level 3 certification – our first line of defence against foodborne threats
  • 3+ years’ experience in large commercial kitchens
  • Leadership skills sharp enough to rally troops in the heat of service
  • Adaptability to handle everything from daily meals to special religious requirements

Why Join Our Squadron:

  • Be the backbone of a kitchen that serves a higher purpose
  • Unique opportunity to hone your skills in a high-stakes environment
  • Work-life balance that respects your service
  • Inclusive team environment that values diversity and supports growth

If you’re ready to take your culinary career to new altitudes, apply now! This is your chance to serve your country through your passion for food. Join Ventia, and let’s support Australia’s defence, one outstanding meal at a time!
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