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project support

Utilising our network of engineering and trade resources we can provide:

  • Consultancy,
  • Design review,
  • Technical writing, and
  • Maintenance services

To support your project needs. Our size and agility allows us to provide speedy and bespoke solutions for small scopes and packages of work.


Our people really matter. We understand the emotional investment required and we take the time to really understand their strengths and attributes combined with their passion and ambitions.

Our extensive network provides access to top-tier technical and engineering professionals that we rigorously vet to ensure the ideal match – not just in skills and experience, but also work ethic, organisational fit, and personal ambitions. 


Our mobilisation team is dedicated to supporting personnel through every step of the onboarding process.

We understand that meeting various site-specific requirements can be complex and we aim to streamline this process for a smooth onboarding experience.

Personnel have access to our fully equipped facilities to productively focus on finalizing inductions, compliance forms, site qualifications, and other needs.

how it works

Navigating Success
Through Our Process

Embark on a journey of success with PRM by navigating through our meticulous four-step process. From discovery to ongoing support, we’re dedicated to steering your projects towards excellence.

step 1 :
Discovery and Consultation

Explore your goals and project requirements in-depth during our discovery phase. Through personalised consultations, we understand your unique needs, ensuring a comprehensive foundation for success.

step 2
Tailored Solutions and Planning

Based on our insights, we craft customised solutions tailored to your specific industry and project demands. Our meticulous planning phase ensures a roadmap that aligns with your objectives, delivering targeted results.

step 3
Resource Mobilisation and Onboarding

Once the plan is set, our mobilisation team swings into action, streamlining personnel onboarding and ensuring site readiness. With fully equipped facilities and customised environments, we simplify the mobilisation process for a seamless project start.

step 4
Continuous Support and Optimisation

Our commitment doesn’t end at project initiation. We provide continuous support, monitoring activities, tracking compliance, and offering ongoing training and development. This ensures not only project success but also the growth and optimisation of your team throughout the project lifecycle.